A Taste of Times Square

There are as many restaurants and bars around Times Square as there are people walking through its streets. There are gastronomic offers for all tastes and for all ages. From the most traditional and historical dishes, to the new gourmet delights from the most innovative chefs. Times Square invites you to enjoy with a full belly.

Taste of Times Square is one of Times Square’s annual celebrations of New York City’s amazing and wonderful restaurants, with all their flavor and variety of dishes. COVID-19 has stopped the annual outdoor food and music festival, which usually lasts several blocks, but thanks to the advancement of science, this year it was possible to celebrate and promote local businesses, and in June the festivals will return. special three-course prix fixe menus for $35 at participating restaurants.

Taste of Times Square, diners and regulars will be able to go out and experience the best restaurants in Times Square, they can try the great food and enjoy with confidence knowing that they are taking all appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of customers and the staff. You can even catch some surprise performances between 5:30 p.m. m. and 7:00 p.m. m. from Hell’s Kitchen Happiness Krewe.

Taste of Times Square prix fixe menus will be offered for indoor dining, outdoor dining, takeout and delivery from applicable participating restaurants.

Taste of Times Square, indoor dining in restaurants has resumed in the city of Times Square, now without the need to wear masks or vaccination cards, outdoor dining terraces, installed in old parking lanes, are became the favorite places of New Yorkers and tourists.

Meanwhile, the city is expanding its Open Streets program, which closes roads to vehicles and opens them to pedestrians.

Taste of Times Square, this program’s expansion, was originally going to be a space for people to exercise, but is intended in part to increase foot traffic along struggling commercial corridors and give low-income neighborhoods opportunities similar to those in wealthier, higher-profile enclaves.

Mexican restaurants have a lot to tell, Casa Carmen is one of the most recent in the city and the culinary legacy of Carmen “Titita” Ramírez Degollado is at the forefront to continue spreading this great gastronomic culture.

Taste of Times Square, pizza is very important for New Yorkers, some of the most outstanding pizzerias recommended by customers are: Capizzi, Uncle Paul’s Pizza NY, Lombardi’s Pizza, Juliana’s Pizza, Kesté Pizza & Vino , John’s of Bleecker Street, Grimaldi’s, among others.

Taste of Times Square, New York’s pizzerias are noted for their wide variety of pizza tastes. You can find from the simplest to the most exotic. There are mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ricotta cheese, chicken and cheddar, chicken with buffalo sauce, onion, lasagna, barbecue, spinach, pineapple, bacon, eggplant, Neapolitan, among other varieties. And there are also vegan options.

Taste of Times Square, Hard Rock Café, Located in downtown New York City and in the heart of Times Square, Hard Rock Cafe New York will thrill your senses with tempting food and drinks and an impressive collection of musical memorabilia. Times Square, also called “The Crossroads of the World,” is home to New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, Broadway Theatre.

Taste of Times Square, the Skylark cannot be missing from the list of the best rooftop-bars in Times Square. It is divided as follows: the upper floor is the roof terrace and the other two floors form the living room. Its decoration is incredible and you will understand why it is worth visiting each of the three levels once a year. On any of the three levels you will enjoy magnificent views of the city.

Taste of Times Square, the CATCH Roof has become a regular destination for many New Yorkers looking for a nice and quiet place to enjoy good food and a cocktail, escaping from the crowded downtown rooftop bars. As you can see, the site has the ideal balance between elegant and modern, with a current industrial touch very much in line with Meatpacking. The place includes a rooftop bar with views of the Manhattan skyline, an indoor room for the colder months of the harsh winter and a beautiful and rich restaurant, perfect for a romantic evening. In addition, at night it is common to find DJs who play live music. In our opinion, without a doubt a winning combination.

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