Live and Work in NYC

Times Square is the center of the city of New York, which captures and celebrates the artistic, creative, popular and diverse cultures of the city in which millions of tourists pass by in awe of the striking LED lights and is home to more than 5,800 residents, with another 172,000 office workers who commute. With a wide variety of dining and shopping options, there is something here for everyone, providing a unique set of services. The Crossroads program, Alliance’s free benefits program, gives you exclusive access to deals, events and neighborhood insider information for Live & Work. And Neighborhood Resources provides information on how to access a variety of city resources and more, including making 311 inquiries or quality of life complaints.

Live & Work to rent apartments in New York you have to prove that the annual salary is 40 or 45 times the rental price of the property. They will make sure that you can meet the payment by reviewing your contract and your payroll. They usually do additional checks or contact people who can vouch for you. In total you will have to pay three months in advance: one month for the security deposit, the first month of rent, and the last.

To start looking for a flat to rent, the best time is between 4 and 8 weeks before the move. One-year contracts are usually offered, but never more than two.

There are different ways to find an apartment in the city, you can go to an agency, use Google, take a look at the classifieds on Craigslist or respond to one of those “for rent” signs that are on the facades of buildings. The last two options are less restrictive and can be easier alternatives, but watch out for scams. For shorter stays (a couple of months) you can take a look at Airbnb. Do not forget that if you are looking for an apartment through a real estate agent, you have to pay one month’s rent as a commission for their services.

To Live & Work in New York, you need a work visa or a Green Card, which can only be issued by the corresponding authorities (in this case, the United States embassy or consulate in the country in which you reside) before traveling to the United States. .USA You need a company based in the United States to sponsor you. This means that when you apply for a job with a US company, they have to sponsor your visa application in New York. Without a sponsor it is difficult to get a job in the United States.

Another way to obtain a visa that allows you to Live & Work in the US is through the Green Card lottery. The US government grants 50,000 immigrant visas a year. Alternatively, you can start your own business in the United States, but keep in mind that you need a lot of capital to do so.

The cost of live & work in New York is high. It is characterized by being an expensive city, so it can be useful to know approximately how much you will spend per month.

A reasonably priced studio will set you back around $2,100 a month in Manhattan, and a one-bedroom apartment between $2,700 and $3,000. In Brooklyn, it’s hard to find a studio for less than $1,500. In New York many people share a house for live & work, so if you use that option you will pay between 800 and 1000 dollars for a room in a shared apartment in Queens or Brooklyn.

To the rent you have to add the costs of gas and electricity, which normally add another 100-200 dollars a month. To move to the city you also need a mobile phone, and the cheapest contracts cost between 40 and 80 dollars. If you also want to have access to the internet, it is very possible that you will end up paying about $120 per month.

Another thing you’ll definitely need to get around is a MetroCard. A 30-day card will cost you $127 and you will be able to travel unlimitedly on the metro and metropolitan buses.

The shopping basket can also be expensive, but that depends a lot on each person and the area in which it is installed. In Manhattan, supermarkets tend to be expensive. Sometimes a takeaway can be cheaper than buying food in a store. An Asian food takeout can set you back $6 and you’ll often have enough to eat the next day. Estimate that you will spend about 50-100 dollars a week per head on food purchases. What is not included is health insurance for a reason: it is very personal. If the person plans to stay in New York for only a few months, the national insurer may cover it. If the person works in New York, the company that employs them may contribute to the payment of health insurance, but not all do. The costs for medical services in the United States are very high, so you have to make sure that it is covered during your stay to enjoy it without worries.

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