History of Times Square

The origin of this place was known as Long Acre Square, but it was renamed Times Square after being located in 1904, at the intersection of 42nd Street, the offices of the New York Times. In 1913, the newspaper’s offices moved to 229 43rd Street, and the building was renamed 1 Times Square in 1961.

History of Times Square, at the beginning of the 20th century, Times Square became one of the most important places in New York City, with the construction of theaters, restaurants and luxury and first class hotels. The site began to change in the 30’s where it became a dangerous place with prostitution, crime and drugs, this lasted for more than half a century.

History of Times Square During the 1980s, Mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins began a redevelopment project for Midtown Manhattan that included Times Square. In the 1990s, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani tackled the project to clean up the area with the closure of pornographic theaters, sex shops and the purchase of the nine historic theaters on 42nd Street by the State of New York. Times Square is located between 7th Avenue and Broadway, and 42nd and 47th streets, it is currently the heart of the city in general and of the New York theater district in particular.

The entire area is illuminated day and night by large illuminated signs and huge television screens, this has made it famous throughout the world, as well as the descent of the Crystal ball every December 31 from the top of 1 Times Square announcing the new Year. Up to two million people flocked to Times Square to ring in the year 2000 with the lowering of Waterford’s Millennial Crystal Ball, a huge Swarovski crystal ball made specifically for this event.

The north end of the square, between 46th and 47th Streets, is known as Duffy Square in honor of Father Francis P. Duffy, chaplain of the New York Regiment of Infantry during World War II. Half-price same-day Broadway show tickets are available at the TKTS Box Office, located in the center of Duffy Square. The ticket offices, renovated in 2008, are covered on its roof with wide steps in the form of a staircase that allow visitors to sit or enjoy a panoramic view.

On May 25, 2009, the city council temporarily closed the section of Broadway that runs through Times Square to pedestrian traffic. The experiment was a great success and it has become a permanent pedestrian plaza where the place is more enjoyable with new metal benches, chairs and tables.

Times Square has its own police station, its street cleaning company, and its tourist office that has all the information about the city, and it is also a small museum dedicated to this important square.

Times Square wouldn’t be recognizable without its amazing illuminated signs. An image that is admired by two million people who pass through this square every day and many millions more in the world who enjoy it through photographs, paintings, cinema and television. Times Square began to fill with large advertisements in 1916, when the City Council encouraged its installation in this part of the city. Since then there are many who have passed through here, some true works of art. In addition, they played an important role in the remodeling of the square during its most decadent period: as a measure of pressure on the city’s rulers, one night their neighbors turned off all the signs for 15 minutes. The measure had excellent results and the negotiation was carried out. Today, a municipal ordinance obliges the buildings in this area to give up their facade for the installation of such advertisements.

Times Square is the most striking area of the city and our favorite place to look for accommodation as well as to dine and enjoy a drink. You look for what you are looking for, in Times Square you will find it.

Times Square tours sell out quickly, so it’s best to anticipate and get tickets to enjoy everything that happens in this wonderful place.

For the first time in history, for the 2020 edition (during the pandemic) a ball application was created with the aim of accompanying people during December 31 and the days before through an immersive virtual experience that takes place in the epicenter of Times Square.

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