Visitor FAQ

For citizens and tourists it is important to have all the visitor faq to optimize travel times in New York. There is no better tool than knowledge and here we offer you the different activities to make New York an unforgettable experience, in addition to Times Square.

Fifth Avenue: Also called the Avenue of the Millionaires for its exorbitant values, it is one of the most important commercial streets in New York and where the most famous brand stores are located. The most visited shopping area is the closest to Central Park.

The busiest store is usually the Apple store, known for its design and for offering computers with free internet connection, something much appreciated by tourists.

Another important commercial area is the one that goes from Washington Square to the Flatiron Building, the first skyscraper in New York.

The nerve center of the area is the square, which is located at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan. That is where the famous red stairs, the illuminated signs, the megastores of many chains, etc. are located. Despite what its name indicates, it is not a typical square since Broadway Avenue crosses the area diagonally, so Times Square is made up of two triangular squares.

Another of the most famous visitor faqs is the well-known New York square, which is one of the most dazzling attractions for tourists and one of the most visited in the world. Lights, sounds and Billboards. Anyone who visits it can meet famous artists from different countries of the world. The most important thing in this tourist center is to be attentive to everything that happens around you and not miss any detail. Hated and loved in equal parts, thousands of people -and characters- of the most varied pass through it daily. Located in the center of Manhattan, it leaves no one indifferent.

A great visitor faq is the Statue of Liberty, there you get on a cruise and sail through the waters of the Hudson River to the feet of the Statue, this is an unparalleled experience. With a historical tour guide, you will arrive at Liberty Island to see this masterpiece of engineering from up close, this symbol of what the United States represents.

Another visitor faq is the helicopter ride, seeing Manhattan from above resists any type of criticism or description. The main attractions of a city can be seen from a unique point of view.

Gospel Mass, a great visitor faq, there you will live one of the sensory experiences of attending a mass in Harlem, it is something unique that is not lived in another part of the world. Particular to this area of New York, the culture of an entire neighborhood takes place in these small religious structures.

A few years after the One World Observatory opened, the city skyline welcomed Edge at Hudson Yards in 2020, which also recently introduced a stunning new way to view the skyline with City Climb, the skyscraper adventure for those looking to enjoy a view from 365 meters above the ground.

Last fall, Summit One Vanderbilt opened the fifth observatory. In addition, a new virtual attraction that offers a unique view debuted: RiseNY, an immersive and interactive experience that gives visitors the opportunity to see the city virtually while suspended 9 meters in the air.

Beginning April 6, the Whitney Museum celebrated its 80th Whitney Biennale, Quiet as It’s Kept, featuring a variety of intergenerational artists showcasing a constellation of art and ideas that are present today.

A very important visitor faq is Makina Café, the city’s first mobile Ethiopian-Eritrean restaurant, is a full-service restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens. Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, a 91-year-old Manhattan sandwich joint, will reopen under a new name, S&P.

On the other hand, the acclaimed Clinton Hall opened its sixth brewery in the Empire Outlets. They offer a solid selection of craft beer, wine, cocktails, and cuisine.

Another visitor faq ‘Le Pavillon’ is an impressive space, created by chef Daniel Boulud, with friendly and impeccable service, quality seafood, and a wide variety of vegetable dishes. During the pandemic, Boulud also extensively renovated his beloved restaurant ‘Daniel’.

Visitor faq, there are many hotels that have more history in New York in some of these places passed figures like Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Sid Vicious or Bob Dylan.

The Plaza hotel would perhaps fall into the category of the most emblematic hotel in Midtown New York. They offer king-size beds with views of Central Park and the world’s most famous Apple store. There are innumerable legends surrounding this hotel since it was opened in 1907 following the design of Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, a city classic who also laid out the Waldorf Astoria or the Dakota. But to say that With death on Hitchcock’s heels starts in the hall of the hotel there are already enough reasons to try to stick your head out to take a couple of photos.

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