Visitor Tips

The best New York City visitor tips recommend exploring the Bronx Like a New Yorker and its wide variety of attractions that this destination offers.

In northern Manhattan, the Bronx has it all to offer, from the Bronx Zoo to the famous Yankee Stadium. Make time and take a stroll down the Grand Concourse or hop on a ferry from Manhattan to an idyllic waterfront spot called Clason Point. There you can explore vibrant and beautiful neighborhoods like Riverdale, where tourists can enjoy a famous Guinness beer at An Beal Bocht, an authentic Irish pub; Arthur Avenue, the city’s first Little Italy; and Mott Haven, where The Lit. Bar is a must-stop for book lovers, and Chocobar Cortes is a must-see for chocolate fans.

The Bronx is one of the most famous places for the Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden and for being the birthplace of hip hop, but it is also worth noting that it has many authentic and unique local experiences to enjoy. to explore. From the waterfront locations like City Island and Orchard Beach, to Arthur Avenue and Little Italy, the murals and restaurants on River Avenue and 161st Street, which line Yankee Stadium, the sprawling parks and gardens, and the enjoyment From the extraordinary ethnic cuisine throughout the borough, the Bronx stands out as an extraordinary destination to experience NYC like a New Yorker.

A unique and charming option for accommodation in the Bronx is the wonderful boutique Opera House Hotel, housed in a renovated historic theater that once housed entertainment legends like Harry Houdini and the Marx Brothers. The hotel has 60 rooms, a gym, breakfast included, concierge service and is located near two subway stations: 149th Street-Grand Concourse and Third Avenue-149th Street.

The Bronx is a place steeped in history, where George Washington stayed here in the 18th century, poet Edgar Allan Poe lived here in the 19th century, and hip-hop music was born here in the 20th century. The district also boasts 7,000 acres of parkland (about 25 percent of its total area), from majestic gardens like Wave Hill and the New York Botanical Garden to Van Cortlandt Park, famous for its background, a great place for visitor tips.

Another visitor tips is that the Bronx also has many restaurants, many of them cozy family establishments that offer authentic cuisine from around the world, be it a Colombian menu, at La Masa; Mexican food, at Taqueria Tlaxcalli or Italian food on Arthur Avenue. The red and white Michelin logo can be found on the door of SUYO Gastrofusion, an elegant and sophisticated space where the Latin-Asian menu includes Thai Chicken Empanadas and Panko Ripe. The Bronx has also become a destination for West African food, thanks to vibrant immigrant communities like Little Ghana. Also, take the opportunity to try Ghanaian cuisine at Papaye, Togolese specialties at Bognan International and be sure to visit Grin for food from the Ivory Coast.

Childable the visitor tips of Broadway, where you can attend to see the show of The Lion King is an acclaimed theatrical adaptation of the classic 1994 Disney film and the book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi, which brings Simba’s story to life , the prince of the African lions, who fights against his evil uncle Scar for the throne, once he kills his father. But before Simba can take his rightful place in the Cycle of Life; grows with his two fun-loving friends, Timon and Pumbaa. Together they teach Simba their philosophy of life, Hakuna Matata. Another acclaimed musical is The Phantom of the Opera is one of the highly successful Broadway musicals that has been awarded 7 Tony Awards, thanks to the wonderful adaptation of the popular novel by Gaston Leroux.

In addition, another visitor tips is The Mills at Jersey Gardens are more than 200 stores under one roof to which it plans to add another 80, in addition to restaurants and entertainment, it is located near the Newark airport. “Being indoors” is not something minor in this area since in summer it is very hot and being out shopping with air conditioning is a relief. And for the winter, heated corridors, since the cold is very hard.

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