Welcome to Times Square

We are a multi-option online and social media platform created for those planning to visit New York City and enjoy the practicality of visiting one marketplace before or after arriving. Our creation is premised on the idea that booking tours, hotels, dining reservations, billboard placement, and much more, should be fun and easy. The platform is dedicated to New Yorkers Worldwide and to all others dreaming to experience the New York Life Style without having to live in the Big Apple.



This online Marketplace, also known as Welcometotimessquare.com is a social media friendly sensation, fused with online and offline features where our Premiere New York partners and advertisers engage in conversations with followers through videos, pictures, likes, and comments to help the user do the picking. It is our belief that, “ It’s A Trick To Be In The Click” in New York City and that you as the customer are one click away from finding it on Welcometotimessquare.com.

So, join us every day at WelcomeToTimesSquare.Com online or on our other outlets to see the wonders that this great city has to offer. As such, visit us frequently on WelcomeToTimesSquare.com online, WelcometoTimesSquare’s, “on the Square Podcast”, Welcomtotimessquare on Instagram, WelcomeToTimesSquare on TikTok, WelcomeToTImesSquare on Youtube, and last, but not least, the ever so popular, WelcomeToTimesSquare Billboard located just 200 Feet East of the Famous Red Steps on Times Square.

Our goal is to bring life back to New York City and place The World’s Capital, Times Square back on the spotlight again. Our online and offline virtual marketplace, Welcometotimessquare.com works as a conduit that attracts offline and online visitors to NYC. The goal that Welcometotimessquare.com has set, with its catchy domain name and its first page ranking on Google, is to allow tourists, as well New Yorkers to click on the website and enable the visitor to easily navigate the site when trying to catch a glimpse of what experiences New York City has to offer. Welcomtetotimessquare.com is a virtual marketplace that offers various options meant for users to easily select what they want to do and see in NYC. The site is fast, enjoyable and reliable to use. With a quick motion on the mouse or a simple tap on the key board, the visitor can easily book a show, make dinner reservations, or if they are in the mood to impress and celebrate, the website allows them to do this as well. As a visitor on the website, the user in the comfort of their own home or from a hotel room while visiting New York City can use the website to post an image that will be placed on the WelcometoTimesSquare.com Billboard located approximately 200 feet east of the Famous Red Steps, where their image will be seen, one minute per hour, 22 times a day, for one week. Interestingly enough, however, if you cannot make it to Times Square or New York City, you can always take a glimpse of Times Square live, via the website’s live streaming service.

We strongly feel that our website’s domain name, fresh daily content, social media followers, subscribers, vendors, and billboard placement will replace other existing websites that compete with NYC for tourism. These other websites, although, claiming to promote NYC intentionally drive tourism out of New York City by promoting other destinations on their sites. Our platform on the other hand, is an exclusive website dedicated to New York City. We work exclusively hand in hand with New York and for New York alone. Our platform was created by New Yorkers for New Yorkers worldwide and for all those others who wish to experience the New York Life Style. Our site, focuses not only on the Big Apple, but its surrounding boroughs as well. Our virtual online and offline marketplace is stocked with New York City’s finest entertainment, hotels, restaurants, tours, shows, dives, museums, and much more. We, unlike other websites do not sell you part of the New York experience and hide behind our camera lenses. We on the other hand, with social media videos, pictures, and comments, present you with the entire story of New York City. We create the content, we take the pictures, and we work on location with the vendors assuring that what we experience at their establishments correctly depicts what we post online and on social media.

When booking a hotel, a tour, or reserving a dinner engagement on Welcometotimessquare.com, you can rest assured that your New York City experience will match that of the pictures, videos, and content provided on our many platforms. The Welcometotimessquare.com concierge service, positioned on our site, is composed of operators and online responders that have direct access to our vendors. Working from our offices located in Times Square, our Concierge employees are not computer generated; they are real people with real answers to your questions. With a click on the Concierge Icon, your concerns will be handled timely. Our hotline operators can easily contact vendors to resolve any issues encountered.

Welcometotimessquare.com requires its vendors to actively participate in our platforms by having them post pictures, tag guests, provide discounts, and reply to comments. Unlike other tourism driven websites, we know our vendors personally and we visit them routinely. All our Vendors are provided with an adhesive badge that is placed on their establishment’s store front window or some other prominent location inside for excellent service. The badge provided by Welcometotimessquare.com contains its logo and the date that we last visited. The Welcometotimessquare.com sticker is not only a stamp recognizing the vendor’s quality for excellent service, but it also provides a QR code that allows the customer to interact with the vendor via the welcometotimessquare.com website. By placing a mobile phone on the sticker’s QR code, access to the vendors platforms is fast and easy. This allows for instant gratification and immediate interaction by the follower with the vendor. Thus, creating an atmosphere of community through Welcometotimessquare.com between our vendors and our followers.

Welcometotimessquare.com supports all vendors, residents, and guests who make New York City the wonderful city it is. We aspire to make your visit to New York City comfortable and pleasing. Our goal is for you to enjoy New York City as much as we do. We know that life is short, but memories will last forever and we want for Welcometotimessquare.com to be part of that memory!