Broadway, the heart of the American commercial theatrical industry marked the milestone at August Wilson Theatre with the drama “Pass Over” in August for the first time since March 2020. The resumption is marked by a new era of pandemic appropriate behavior for the audience that wants to take in a Broadway show. All of 41 Broadway Theater are mandating proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test for all. The COVID-19 protocols will stay till Oct. 31. Tickets for Broadway shows are already on sale and more shows will be going back on sale in the coming weeks.

Although you can wear flip-flops to a Broadway show it’s not a great idea. Broadway theaters have their air conditioning running during the show. The feet can get cold and you might be severely under-dressed and catch a cold

Outside drinks and eatables are not allowed at the Broadway. However, you can pick up water, beverages, (including alcoholic), and candy at most Broadway venues. They are available at concessional prices.

The distance between East Broadway and Times Square is 3 miles

The audience can bring backpacks to a Broadway theatre, however; they have to stash them away at the counter. To avoid inconvenience, do not carry too big backpacks

Hamilton is the most expensive show ever in the history of Broadway

The Gershwin Theatre is the biggest theater on Broadway. It has the largest seating capacity of 1,933 seats.

The seats in the front of the mezzanine are very good to sit and enjoy the shows. However, the best seats are 4 or 5 rows back in the center and up to the 12th row in the orchestra. Many seats in the mezzanine are also quite good.

The first four or five rows of the balcony are very good. They are as good as rear orchestra seats.

As Broadway theatre tickets are very popular, so it is advisable to book theatre tickets as early as possible. However, many shows have tickets for performances a few days in advance or even they can be sometimes bought on the same day.

The majority of the New York theatres are closed on Monday nights. Some productions may perform on a Monday evening but could be closed on a different day of the week. New York Theater Guide has the performance schedule of all shows.


Are Broadway theatres open on public holidays?
Except for Thanksgiving and Independence Day, the theaters are open on public holidays. The performance schedules are mostly changed during the Christmas and New Year week. There are extra matinee performances during that time.

When do new shows open on Broadway?
The majority of Broadway productions open either in the fall or in the month of March / April. The new shows are performed alongside the long-running Broadway musicals, which run throughout the year.

Can I meet a performer after the show?
At many theatres, the actors are only allowed to sign the playbill of the particular show they are appearing in and are not permitted to do anything else. However, after the performance, some actors can be greeted by the stage door of the theatre. During the pandemic, it is not known if anyone can meet actors.
Can I cancel my tickets after confirmation?

Cancellation policies depend on the show and performance date purchased. If the order is placed with, the customer can simply respond back from his order confirmation or contact us link. The customer will know the options available for cancellation.