Sponsor Seasonal events

Times Square is the most iconic location for outdoor advertising in the world where all big brands compete for the spot. Companies bring out their top creative and messages to engage the visitors. The huge billboards and the flashing lights make the best platform for advertising. It is the advertising Mecca. Whenever one thinks of Times Square the massive lights, giant ads, and signs immediately come to mind.

Times Square has come up as the epicenter of big companies flashing their brands to the millions of tourists at the Big Apple. With more than 100 million people passing each year, no other place can be a better place than to advertise at Times Square. Due to the enormous amount of tourists passing through the place a single billboard can get millions of impressions every day.



Advertising Costs in Times Square

Times Square advertising is accessible to businesses irrespective of their sizes. The companies can advertise through digital billboards, solar kiosks, through static billboards depending on their requirement.

Although Times Square occupies only 0.1% of New York’s total land area it generates 10% of the City’s economic output. The cost of advertisement at Times Square depends on factors media format you choose the length of the program and the share of voice. A billboard advertisement can range from $5,000 to over $50,000 for a single-day program.

Seasonal Advertising at Times Square

There are many seasonal yet world-famous events at Times Square that attract millions of tourists from the world over. This gives an excellent chance to the businesses to advertise their brands. These events can attract huge revenues for the companies. Some of the major seasonal events at Times Square are:

  1. Valentine’s Day: Times Square is the most preferred location for couples to celebrate their love and make the day special and unique. Thousands flock to the dream destination to honor their love and celebrate their romance with proposals for weddings and promises for renewals in front of attractive Valentine Heart.
  2. This occasion offers a great opportunity to sponsor proposals, Renewal Vow Renewal Ceremony, and weddings.
  3. Taste of Times Square: Come June and people wait for the annual outdoor food and music festival “Taste of Times Square”. It is organized by Time Square Alliance with top restaurants in the district. Thousands of residents and tourists throng to enjoy the signature dishes prepared by top chefs. The mega festival gives opportunities to sponsor music and entertainment programs and groups along with a variety of branding activations during a weeklong celebration.
  4. Solstice in Times Square: It drives thousands of health enthusiasts and yogis for free yoga classes. The fitness, health, and wellness-oriented visitor allow customized brand activation to entice them. It is a big platform and massive opportunity for brands to gain exposure as the event has more than a billion media impressions worldwide.