Visitor Tips

Vibrant and culturally rich Broadway represents one the highest level of commercial live theatres in the world. The Theater District featuring majestic theatres, bright billboards, and dazzling lights is a must-visit when in the city. It leaves an unforgettable experience. The trip to the Big Apple isn’t complete without attending at least one Broadway show. The experience of watching performances live on a Broadway theatre cannot be replicated elsewhere.



Psych up for Broadway Experience

He terms that you must know to enhance your Broadway experience

  • Opening Night: It is the first performance of a play or musical after the preview performances are over.
  • Orchestra: The ground level of seating which is closest to the stage and amongst the most expensive in the house.
  • Mezzanine: The first elevated seating section in a theatre, hanging over the orchestra for great a view.
  • Balcony: It is the last seating section in any theatre and furthest away from the stage.
  • House: it can either refer to the entire auditorium or just the front of the house, including the lobby and box office.
  • Will Call: Place at a theatre’s box office where you can pick up pre-purchased tickets.
  • SRO: SRO or Standing Room only. It means that you do not have a designated seat and may require you to stand during the performance.
    Break a Leg! Instead of good luck, when you wish someone ‘break a leg’ you’re wishing them thunderous applause.

Visiting Theaters

How to Choose the Right Broadway Show

Choosing a show to watch marks the beginning of your Broadway experience. Broadway has a wide range of genres across both plays and musicals. It offers fantasy, romance, drama, and comedy. It serves every taste so making the Broadway experience special, picking the right show is very important. Indulge in a little online research and make your pick.

Know the Theatre

Certain considerations are required before booking your seats, especially if aged folks are accompanying you. You need to check if the theatre has an escalator or lift or wheelchair, etc. Knowledge of the theatre’s seating chart is important to pick the best seat according to your requirements. Therefore check your theatre seating guide and pick the right seats.

Buying Tickets

Buying tickets online is the easiest way. To buy online is through a show or theatre’s official website. If you are around or aren’t comfortable with online transactions, you can book tickets from the theatre’s box office. Third-party apps like Headout can also be used to book Broadway tickets online that also offer great discounts and cashback among other customer-friendly benefits.

Dressing up for Broadway

There is not decreed dress code, however, if you dress up for your first Broadway show it will elevate the experience. Moving through the centuries-old halls and enjoying musicals written years ago adds to the charm and unique experience.

Enjoy Quick Bites

Eatables available at Broadway theatres are exorbitantly priced so before the show begins, you can grab a quick bite at any of the fabulous restaurants available in the Theatre District and Times Square

Broadway Theatre Etiquettes You Must Know

Some common theatres etiquettes that a visitor is expected to follow when attending a Broadway performance are:

  •  Applaud after the performance or at the end of an act.
  • Avoid talking during the performance, it distracts the performers.
  •  Don’t sing-along during musical numbers, unless the performer encourages to do
  •  Even if you didn’t like the show, keep your opinion of the show neutral or positive. Putting together a Broadway show is not easy and you don’t want to be rude by openly criticizing the show.