Gotham City: The Batman and  NYC

Gotham City: The Batman and  NYC

Gotham City: The Batman and  NYC

In these times where a film is a masterpiece or an absolute disaster. I think that the new Batman movie has a notable stamp of authorship and that is appreciated.

It is appreciated that the fan service section has not gone on the side of nostalgia (as has been happening) and has shown us other elements of mythology not seen to date in the cinema. Eg This Alfred who goes by the side of Earth One.

Without a doubt, this is the best characterization of Gotham City, it is a mix between the NYC of the 70s and 80s and something of the Los Angeles of Blade Runner (1982).

Some scenes have the paradox of being outside the logic of the script, but they serve so that the viewer does not forget that he is watching a Batman movie (eg, the chase with the Batmobile).

It is a slow movie within the genre, but this makes it much more enjoyable. Although it may happen that some resolutions of the puzzles are “simple”, with another type of montage, moving from one puzzle to another would have been chaotic for the viewer.

Reeves makes very good use of depth of field and out of focus to give some scenes a certain air of terror.

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz traveled the world to attend the various premieres of The Batman, the film they star in together, setting trends with their outfits along the way. Both wear a sober and sophisticated style, after shining in Paris and London, they once again chose the color black for their looks for the New York red carpet.

True to his style, Robert Pattinson wore an elegant black suit with a matching tie and over it he had a double-breasted maxi coat. This was combined with lace-up leather shoes and hair parted on the side, a style that gave the total look a vintage and very serious look.

On the other hand Zoë Kravitz, who is Pattinson’s partner, shared smiles, winks and complicit glances during the red carpet, and is also his ideal partner in terms of the outfit, with an equally sophisticated bet. The actress opted for a long black dress fitted to the body, by Oscar de la Renta, strapless and a triangular opening in the front with criss-cross ties.

The neckline, at the top of the opening, has a finish on each side that forms the silhouette of a cat’s face, a very delicate wink, dedicated to her character in the film, Catwoman. A pair of silver hoops and matching rings completed the total look.

The beauty look also accompanied the elegant bet. She wore a tight bun, the front bangs combed with a wave and sober makeup in neutral tones, with black eyeliner, gray shadow and nude lips as protagonists.

Pattinson maintained that “There is no way to plan your career to become Batman.” “Being Batman is incredibly intimidating – the legacy of the people who played the role, the directors who have made the movies… there is so much behind this character!” expresses the actor in detail when talking about his new leading role, being a film and an iconic figure. But that measure is also due to fatigue. He has been on tour for more than a month, between interviews, appearances on television programs, photo sets and more. But that tiredness does not prevent him from enjoying his moment, he feels as if he were a rockstar,

On the other hand, from the Pachacamac studios to the premiere of The Batman in New York. Peruvian model and influencer Angie Arizaga left her fans speechless by appearing at the world premiere of the film starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz, which is now available in theaters around the world. Through her social networks, known for participating in Esto es Guerra, she shared all the details of her presence at the event, which took place on the night of March 1 at Lincoln Center Josie Robertson Plaza in New York, United States.

Also, he shared his tour of the red carpet, where the protagonists of the tape Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz paraded. The director of the film was absent due to covid.

By way of thanks, he promised to tell all the details about his trip to New York and his experience at the premiere of The Batman. Angie maintained: “Now yes, the movie is over. It was incredible and obviously I am going to tell you about this whole experience, which has been unforgettable. Thank you all for your little messages. I am more than happy for all this, ”he expressed through his networks. He also reported that the reunion with his partner Jota Benz was incredible, during his stay in New York, he sent her roses to celebrate their anniversary from a distance.

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