Rosalía, the artist of the moment in New York

Rosalía, the artist of the moment in New York

Rosalía, the artist of the moment, arrived in New York where she came to visit her jeweler, and she has shown it through her personal Instagram account. He shared personal images and spending time with his partner, Rauw Alejandro, and with different friends. In this network, the singer has shown new looks capable of captivating and inspiring her fans, who have 19.7 million followers on RRSS.

The Catalan artist Rosalía causes a sensation with her musical compositions, especially now with her recently released album Motomami, but also with all her looks.

Rosalía uses some very striking and impossible outfits that not everyone dares to wear, in this case she shows us a total leather look where the colors intermingle with each other creating new pairs in shades such as chocolate brown, white, blue sky or black. In the shape of a sweetheart neckline bodice, the buttoned maxi skirt and the classic Tabi ankle boots by Maison Martin Margiela show us that there is no style that can resist it. They say that black can get us out of any trouble and the Catalan confirms it. Combining an oversize blazer with a hooded sweatshirt, her leather boots fuse with leather pants creating an optical effect, and her Vivienne Westwood mini crossbody bag makes this proposal one of the coolest of the moment.

These days she wore a very tight red dress that she has put on for her time in New York, where she is today. A long dress, very tight to her body and with feathers in the area of ​​her hands that she has put on to enjoy a romantic dinner with her partner, the singer from Puerto Rico, Rauw Alejandro. A dress that has caused a sensation on her social networks, for which the Catalan singer has paid around 330 euros. The images of Rosalía Vila around the Big Apple with a striking red dress that only she can wear. “Together for the night put on waste.” This is the comment that the Saoko artist has written on her Instagram account in the last few hours. A publication in which Rosalía attaches up to seven photographs. In four of them the one from Sant Esteve Sesrovires appears wasting sensuality with the passion red dress. A creation of the firm Fanci, original from Vietnam, which is falling in love with many of the great stars of the moment, such as the artists Doja Cat or Kali Uchis. A daring model, as well as striking, which has surely delighted her partner, the singer Rauw Alejando, who is currently on tour. A red dress, one of Rosalía’s favorite colors, in addition to black, which the Catalan singer finishes off with her hair tied up in a shoddy bun and a bag, also red, very small and heart-shaped, by the British designer Vivienne Westwood. As for footwear, the woman from Malamente has chosen boots, also red, by the American fashion designer Rick Owens.

Last month, Rosalía drew attention when she posed as a reporter and walked the streets interviewing people, asking about her own music. This happened as part of the promotion for her album ‘Motomami’, which premiered on March 18, and she attended the television program ‘El hormiguero’ as a guest.

Now, the Spanish artist is in New York with her boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, who, a few days ago, gave a fan in Mexico the surprise of his life. The couple was seen through the streets of the ‘Big Apple’ holding hands and very caramelized.

Let us remember that for a long time their expressions of affection have been quite public and every time they can shout their love from the rooftops, they do so.

They shared a romantic dinner in the Big Apple that the two ended in the sweetest way possible, eating a delicious plate of strawberries dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with icing sugar, as can be seen in one of the pictures that the Catalan has published on their social networks. “I love your dress”, “You’re a Motomami”, “Saoko papi Saoko”, “Red looks good on you”, “You’re the prettiest of all” or “Queen”. These are some of the many comments, more than 3,000, that his followers have sent him in recent hours. An impressive style in red that adds to the one that a few months ago, at the end of December, also wore when passing through New York. At that time, Rosalía opted to leave everyone open-mouthed by combining a basic white short-sleeved T-shirt, with her hair tied up in a ponytail, and bubblegum pink heeled boots, covered in the front, uncovered at the back and decorated with a kind of white ruffles. Shoes from the very expensive and exclusive Italian firm GCDS.

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