Temporary in New York

Temporary in New York

Temporary in New York

The weather phenomenon hit the northeastern United States on Tuesday, causing the biggest snowfall in Manhattan in two years.

The great winter storm that arrived this Tuesday in the northeastern United States took the life of a 20-year-old man who crashed into an electrical pole while driving a snowmobile in the municipality of Newberry , in York County (Pennsylvania).

“At the time of the accident, the central Pennsylvania area was experiencing a multitude of weather-related conditions due to a winter storm that left downed trees, downed power lines and hazardous travel conditions throughout the area,” police said. of Newberry in a statement.

Pennsylvania, which experienced its heaviest snowfall in two years, was one of the areas hardest hit by the storm, with authorities reporting they had responded to 1,200 weather-related accidents, which also left nearly 140,000 people without power. Similarly, in the state of New Jersey there were more than 250 accidents on the road, according to Governor Phil Murphy.

New York City also experienced a historic snowfall, and more than 7 centimeters of snow accumulated in the iconic Central Park, ending the ‘drought’ in the city, which had not exceeded 5 centimeters of snow in 744 days. , from January 29, 2022.

Mayor Eric Adams recommended that New Yorkers stay at home this Tuesday, although many took advantage of the occasion to walk around the city and enjoy the snow, which looked like a scene from a movie. Mayor Eric Adams told New Yorkers not to underestimate the storm. “Let’s let Mother Nature do her thing,” he said. “The goal is to keep our roads clear and we hope that people use public transport or, better yet, stay home”

Adams posted a video on his limited visibility.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation temporarily reduced the speed limit on several interstates to 72 km/h in the east-central region of the state due to the storm. More than 1,000 flights were canceled Tuesday morning, primarily at airports in New York City and Boston. There were vehicle accidents throughout the region and several states banned empty tractor-trailers and tandem tractor-trailers from operating on the roads.

Airlines canceled more than 1,220 flights, including 43% of all flights operated at LaGuardia National Airport and 28% of services at Newark Airport in neighboring New Jersey, along with nearly one in five flights in New York’s main air hub, JFK, according to aviation tracker Flight Aware .

In New York, schools closed and “more than a million students were following classes remotely” at the end of the morning, Donald Banks, the city’s education official, announced at a press conference .

This is the first time in two years that snow made it necessary to use snow plows in the country’s most populated city – more than 8.5 million residents – according to authorities.

The National Weather Service (NWS) warned of storms with “strong winds and heavy snow… that could damage trees, power lines and disrupt travel” as well as “coastal flooding,” which could affect about 32 million people . .

Many rural areas of the northeast were completely isolated. Snow plows were trying to clear the roads while it continued to snow heavily with visibility difficulties.

Hampton Township, New Jersey, received 13 inches of snow, while Chester, in upstate New York, received about 12 inches, according to forecasters.

New York authorities warned of a drop in temperatures at the end of the day that will turn snow into ice, increasing the risk of accidents.

In Manhattan, Central Park dawned under a thick white layer that prompted many to come out to enjoy this phenomenon that is becoming less frequent due to climate change.

The snow cover in the metropolis could reach 10 to 15 centimeters during the day.

The last snowfall in New York dates back to January 16, after going 700 days without that precipitation.

The NWS announced “strong winds and heavy snow… that could damage trees, power lines and disrupt travel.” “Coastal flooding is expected along portions of the east coast,” he said.

On Christmas 2022, the so-called “blizzard of the century” left more than a meter of snow in the north and west of the vast, largely rural state of New York, causing dozens of deaths. Many deaths were in the city of Buffalo, on the border with Canada and hundreds of kilometers northwest of the ‘Big Apple’.

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