Jennifer Lopez buys a hamburger from Mc Donald’s

Jennifer Lopez buys a hamburger from Mc Donald’s

The photo of Jennifer López enjoying and eating a Mc Donald’s hamburger with Ben Affleck is already circulating all over the Internet and it can be seen that she is devouring it with desire. It seems that even JLo knows that sometimes you can “sin and break the food regimens” to maintain the figure you have. And there is nothing better than breaking the diet with a good hamburger from Mc Donald’s, which is why Ben Affleck, her current partner, took her to the drive-thru where they picked up her order, to go.

What was the seller who attended them thinking, both the one who received the order and the one who delivered it? But if we have doubts, many want to know what kind of hamburger he ordered. Could it be that it is a simple meat and cheese burger? And to continue with the doubts, he will have ordered it with or without onion, or with tomato, lettuce…

The images of JLo taking a good bite of her hamburger are already all over the world of social networks and the internet. And it is that with the figure that she has, the first thing that many have thought is that the Diva from the Bronx broke the diet. But what does a hamburger mean within the rigorous eating and exercise process that she lives? They are probably unnecessary calories for the star, but it also happens that when a person already has the habit of exercising so acquired, it is easy not only to burn them with a good routine, but also it may even be easy to hold back when wanting to give it rein. let go of cravings. Also, let’s remember that she is a professional dancer and for her concerts she performs highly demanded choreographies as part of her entertainment show. A sample is the presentation that he made both in the Superbowl with Shakira, and the several that he has had in awards such as the American Music Awards.

A ‘six pack’ forged with a strict diet together with a complete exercise routine that comes to show that age is simply a number that should not be much less a limitation to find our best version. It sounds intense, but there is no photo more motivating than any that stars JLo, who has already turned 52 and is more splendid than ever. It is not a secret that one of the women who do not show the signs of age is Jennifer López. At 52 years old, her body (firm and curvy) is a temple of veneration for all her followers, in addition, it is logical that her body is one of the most admired in the world. The singer, actress, dancer, producer and mother born in the heart of the Bronx, New York, keeps fit thanks to her daily exercise discipline, to which the star has been faithful for decades. For this reason, Vogue Mexico magazine contacted one of its trainers, David Kirsch, a fitness expert who lives in New York. “Whether you’re working with JLo or anyone else, there’s an old biblical phrase that says ‘look, listen and teach,’ and I think those are very powerful words,” the trainer said. Kirsch maintains that the difference between a good coach and one who only seeks to be an influencer on networks and have more followers (a practice that he says is becoming more and more frequent in his industry), is the ability of coaches to understand intuitively. the mental, physical and spiritual needs of each subject.

In the case of JLO, the expert considers that he is one of the easiest people to work with. Kirsch is blunt in saying that no two bodies are the same, and that this implies that there are always different factors that come into play, including diet, lifestyle or even stress levels of each one. “Jennifer is very meticulous about her diet, her sleeping hours and in general with almost everything in her life,” says the trainer, “It’s not just about a physical issue, it’s about transforming every aspect of your life.”

It should be noted that a routine with Kirsch involves specific exercises, which are already part of his personal brand, such as “sumo kicks (as well as side kicks), squats with hands behind the head and “platypus walks”. “Jennifer and I do a lot of ‘platypus walks’ in an open stance. These are also known as sumo squats. They are very good for the inner part of the legs and for the butt”. The singer-actress also uses deadlifts and single-leg boxing constantly, and is encouraged by Kirsch as she always combines her routines with elements of Pilates in a single training session.

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