Restaurants in the city

Restaurants in Times Square

Restaurants in Times Square

There are as many restaurants and bars around Times Square as there are people passing through its streets. There are gastronomic offers for all tastes and for all ages. From the most traditional and historical dishes, to the new gourmet delights from the most innovative chefs. Times Square invites you to enjoy with a full belly, even if you have little money and little time to taste an elaborate dish.

New York is a city that never rests and has an excellent variety of cultural offerings and tourist attractions that cannot be missed. In general, tourists must choose what to do and what not to do, accordsquare

The cheapest and most typical foods that can be found on every New York corner are hot dogs, bagels, pizzas and even some delicious hamburgers, which are part of the city’s tradition.

On almost every corner of Manhattan you can eat these fast foods with the best taste and the most accessible values.

The price of a hot dog is around US$2, although it is always advisable to ask before ordering since it is not usual for the amount to appear and it can lead to some discomfort.

Pizza is another option that is usually found in any fast food place, store or even in supermarkets. The quality in all the places is quite similar since they are large portions and of acceptable preparation, although there is not a great variety of flavors to choose from. The price per portion is about 3 US$.

For coffee lovers, New York is the perfect setting as it is very common to see people of all ages walking down the street with a large glass to go. Even for those who prefer something cold, large fruit smoothies with lots of ice are an easy option to find in stores on the go that help combat very hot days.

It is true that although this type of food can be found anywhere, there are certain sectors of the city where you will find a more specific menu and the typical specialties of some region of the world. These include Chinatown and Little Italy.

Chinatown is a neighborhood in New York City, famous for being an enclave with a large population of Chinese immigrants. Manhattan is one of the nine known neighborhoods with this denomination that exist in the United States, with a population density of almost one million residents. There you can enjoy the widest variety of Asian food, mainly from the ancient Chinese culture and Southeast Asia. The most common dishes are Asian dumplings, pork buns, and hand-cut noodles.

Plus, the busy sidewalks are lined with souvenir shops, bubble tea shops, and markets selling everything from fresh and dried fish to herbs and spices.

This area is an approximate area of ​​1.5 kilometers from North to South and 3 kilometers from East to West within the island of Manhattan, although tourists only visit the old center of Chinatown, the intersections of Canal streets with Mott and Mulberry , as well as the intersection of Pell and Doyers streets.

For its part, Little Italy is a neighborhood named in this way because it was originally populated by a large number of Italian immigrants. Although in ancient times it had a larger area, it is currently limited to the section of Mulberry Street between Broome and Canal. This area is full of restaurants whose customers are mostly tourists who want to enjoy the taste of good typical pizzas and pastas.

The “Feast of San Gennaro” is very typical of Little Italy and takes place for eleven days each September.

For those who want to enjoy the new gourmet delights and the most innovative chefs, Times Square is full of tourist restaurants, famous and highly rated by food critics such as Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Café. In these cases, the prices are usually quite high and many offer a wide variety of typical American food, with wonderful decoration and impressively cared for environments.

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