Where to shop in New York City

Where to shop in New York City

Where to shop in New York City

In New York City, you can go shopping on almost every block, at any time, unlimitedly and end the day exhausted, happy and loaded with bags. The big and recognized brands have their place here and you can find from a Best Buy for electronics on Fifth Avenue, in front of the Public Library (the Library), as well as the giant stores of H&M, Century 21 and Forever 21, for the looking to renew their wardrobe. Iconic toy stores like FAO Schwartz and the Times Square branch are gone, but one can still find children’s toys at the Disney Store.

However, those who think of major purchases, without going from here to there, can leave the city for a few hours and choose one of the malls on the outskirts, such as The Mills at Jersey Gardens, in New Jersey, or Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, in Central Valley, in the state of New York. It is the best option to concentrate everything in one time and one place.

The complexes belong to the Simon group –which manages regional Simon Malls, The Mills and Premium Outlets–, owner of 5 of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world.

The Mills at Jersey Gardens is more than 200 stores under one roof to which it plans to add another 80, in addition to restaurants and entertainment, it is located near the Newark airport. “Being indoors” is not something minor in this area since in summer it is very hot and being out shopping with air conditioning is a relief. And for the winter, heated corridors, since the cold is very hard.

This mall has a very attractive combination of stores: brand outlets (such as Hugo Boss); affordable stores (such as Charlotte Ruse); and popular brand stores (fast fashion, H&M type). One of the most attractive things in New Jersey is that it is a state in which clothing and shoes are exempt from taxes.

Ellie Perla, an expert in the field of shopping malls and a guide for a few hours in the consumerist adventure explains:

“The shopping trip to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is one of the most requested, most popular tours in Manhattan. The competition to go to Woodbury or The Mills for a day is in the big and biggest tourist attractions in New York. They don’t usually compete with the shops on the streets of New York.” Nor do they have competition with online purchases: if one resorts to shopping you can try on the clothes and find offers that do not appear on other sites or virtual platforms.

So that going shopping is something pleasant and the investment of time has a positive result, it is important to follow certain tips.

The most common mistakes that everyone makes are not planning ahead, not trying on clothes beforehand, thus losing time with returns or not being able to make them, and accepting orders that are difficult to solve. Ellie Perla is very direct in this regard. The “I go and see what I find” does not work. It is essential to prepare and carry a list with what you want to buy, stop to study the map of the shopping mall to organize the route and do not forget the discount coupons: they can be printed from the website or, depending on the case, at the Customer Service Center The Client can obtain a discount booklet.

“Latinos spend an entire day shopping and need another day,” says Ellie, adding: “It is calculated that you need an average of 45 minutes in each store.”

-And without thinking about it, he offers his advice for going shopping:

-Do not buy for others because you get frustrated and lose more time.

-Buy not what is cheaper, but what you really like.

-If you buy out of necessity, let it be because where you live is much more expensive.

-Establish the amount of money you are willing to spend… and try to adjust to it.

-Dress according to the local climate and in two pieces: it will make trying on clothes easier. Also wear comfortable shoes and a crossbody bag that frees your hands to check coat racks.

-Start the tour of the store from the back to the front since the items with the greatest discounts are usually located at the bottom.

-If there is time, choose –and enter– two or three stores of brands that you do not know: some you may not like, but others may surprise you.

Just go to the shopping directory to get an idea of ​​the stores: Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Century 21, Marshalls, Michael Kors, True Religion, Nautica, Kenneth Cole, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger. Tourists must always carry a passport to obtain the voucher with the discounts at the customer service center. Armani advertising a 70 percent discount on some marked clothing. Unlike The Mills, Woodbury is an open-air mall, something to consider in the height of summer and in the middle of winter.

Photo source: https://www.cntraveler.com/shops/fao-schwarz

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