From Japan to New York: Nobu restaurant

From Japan to New York: Nobu restaurant

From Japan to New York

Actor Robert de Niro, an icon of Hollywood cinema, decided to partner and open several Japanese restaurants in CDMX together with Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, who is positioned among the best chefs in the world, because he learned to combine Latin flavors. with Japanese food and that made the flavors explode.

Together they opened a restaurant called Nobu, which has dozens of franchises in the world. Since 1994, Robert De Niro together with the chef opened their first restaurant in Beverly Hills, today they have become the Japanese food specialists. When the success of the restaurant began, they decided to expand to cities such as New York, Dallas, Moscow and Mexico City.

Among its specialties are Toban Yaki dishes, Osusume, Nobu Special Hot Dishes, Salads, sashimi, sushi, tiraditos and other menus in cold dishes. Today there are more than 50 Nobu restaurants in the world, with a mix of traditional Japanese ingredients with ingredients from South America.

Masks are no longer used in restaurants In New York minors stop using chinstraps New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that face coverings will be made optional for children in day care and pre-kindergarten beginning in April to see if infection rates and risk remain low. It also lifted the rules that required people to show proof of vaccination to enter places such as restaurants, gyms and attend mass events, as part of the efforts that everyone made to return to normality before the pandemic, in the midst of a consistent decline in coronavirus cases and deaths. Private companies have to ensure that employees are vaccinated and have up-to-date vaccination records. The order drew powerful attention because it prevents Brooklyn Nets guard Byrie Irving from playing games with the team, since Irving is not vaccinated and can attend games as a spectator, but from home, he cannot play. or be in the dressing room.

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